Emily’s Professional Bio

Emily has been focusing on photography since January of 1996, when she took a beginning photography class from Cathy Murphy (link). Ms Murphy was an excellent teacher and Emily was quickly enchanted, both by the darkroom and the change studying photography caused in her perception of the world.

That same semester Emily served as a photography intern at the local paper, processing all the photographers’ film and taking photographs herself. One of her pictures – an unusual angle of a bike race – helped the newspaper win a national award.

Later that year Emily worked for former National Geographic photographer Nick Devore III. She also learned about photography from her uncles (Peter Chartrand and Roy Ewert) and art in general from her aunt Toni Soderston and the community of artists in which she lived.

Emily continued her formal studies at The Evergreen State College where she had the opportunity to work with many talented people and to spend as much time as she could in the darkrooms. TESC (link) is a great place for a photographer to go to school, as it hosts excellent black and white, color, and digital labs, (and an electron microscope for science students).

Emily studied the art and history of photography, spent countless hours working on her skills, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and absolutely no business knowledge.

In the seventeen years since she graduated, Emily has enjoyed making photographs of all types for diverse clients, such as families, non-profits and small businesses, artists, and people who work with plants. She periodically stocks her Etsy store (link) with one of a kind art and shows in galleries, and her postcards have traveled the world.

Emily is eager to work with people of integrity and vision. She is interested and capable in most subject matter and has an eye for beauty and capturing the essence of the fleeting moment.

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