The Illuminated Moment

EmilySight is a small photography business based in Gig Harbor and Sequim, Washington that serves families, non-profits, small businesses, artists, models, performers, farmers, gardeners, scientists, website developers, newspapers, and patrons of the arts.

With over eighteen years of experience since my first photography class and internship, I bring the highest quality of original photography to my clients. My diverse interests and curiosity compel me to explore a variety of subjects. I believe every subject requires the same skill set: technological expertise, awareness of light, timing, strong composition, and knowledge of photographic history.

Photography has expanded and deepened my experience of life, and I want to use it to illuminate yours. ~ Emily Matthiessen

Please visit our galleries to view original photographs of children and families, gardens,farms, animals, microfauna, wildlife and nature, products, objects, artwork, local events, and headshots.